27 March 2012 @ 12:24 am
『 004 』  
promising light
puella magi madoka magica + heartcatch pretty cure! | mami & potpourri | PG

inspired by this contest, though i don't know if i have to be a follower to enter it. I LOVE HEARTCATCH A LOT?? like, i love literally everyone in the cast i swear. this was the first thing that came to me when i saw the post, and i finished it in about an hour ... why can't i channel that motivation into homework?

your heart is keeping time with me. )
♥: working
♪: wonder girls; be my baby [english ver.]
12 December 2011 @ 01:09 am
『 002 』  
comfort food
kamen rider kiva + engine sentai go-onger | saki/wataru | PG

okay so um! this crackship basically happened when i was in houston and playing with the HEROX figures my boyfriend bought me, and i kept pairing off the saki figure with the wataru one, because ... she was the only girl. and then the more i looked at it, THE MORE SENSE IT MADE. idk, man, don't you think wataru needs a smile after all the crap he goes through?

today won't start again, all over. )
♥: accomplished
♪: 初音ミク; 夏に去りし君を想フ